Byton: “Our SUV is cooler than Tesla and we won’t repeat Mask’s mistakes”

Byton: “Our SUV is cooler than Tesla and we won’t repeat Mask’s mistakes”

January 22, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Byton hopes to replicate Tesla’s success with a focus on technology. The Chinese company intends to create an inexpensive “computer on wheels” and achieve profitability in two to three years of sales, avoiding the mistakes that Ilon Mask made during the organization of production.

The first Byton car, the M-Byte electric SUV, will be available later this year. The car interior is equipped with a 48-inch screen along the entire windshield and touch panels on the steering wheel. According to Daniel Kirchert, head of the company, no one in the industry has done this before. In addition, the machine will have a voice and gesture control function. Software will be updated, like Tesla, by air.

“I believe this will be a fundamental breakthrough,” Kircher said in an interview with BI.

The company does not agree with the widespread belief that the large screen will distract the driver. In fact, the opposite is true, according to Byton.

The 48-inch display, located far from the driver’s seat, does not hinder driving the car – it will be convenient for a person driving to cast quick glances at the readings. And the screen size will make cards and other applications more understandable.

In addition, Kircher hopes to avoid Tesla’s mistakes in organizing production. To do this, Byton has partnered with major German automotive brands: Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz. And she is also not going to excessively lean on the automation of assembly lines, as Elon Musk did in 2017, trying to speed up the release of Model 3.

True, the company will not have 10-15 years to achieve the profitability required by Tesla. According to a company representative, Byton will have to reach this point no later than two to three years after the start of sales of M-Byte. The only way is to sell a lot of cars. Therefore, the model will cost about $ 50,000.

The release of M-Byte in China is scheduled for this year, in North America and Europe, the car will appear in 2021.

According to Wood Mackenzie forecasts, Volkswagen will become the main manufacturer of electric vehicles in ten years. The company will receive an impressive market share of 27%. Or more – if VW can release an electric car cheaper than Tesla.