Byton M-Byte goes to series: a car with a 1.5-meter display is becoming a reality

Byton M-Byte goes to series: a car with a 1.5-meter display is becoming a reality

January 7, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

A fairly young startup revealed some details of the future serial electric car. The car surprised us even in the conceptual image a year ago, but apparently it will be released in the series with almost no changes.

At last year’s CES-2018 consumer electronics exhibition, the concept Byton M-Byte was first shown. Feature of the car was a huge display instead of the front panel. It is symbolic that exactly a year later, at the same exhibition, the company decided to present the serial version of the crossover. So far, only the interior is ready with the 1.5-meter display, and a small touchscreen display on the steering wheel.

The multimedia system with a huge display is called “Shared Experience Display”. At the moment, it will become the largest display in the modern automotive segment. Despite the fact that he looks huge, and closing the review, the company assures that he will not distract the driver from driving and interfere with the line of sight.

 In addition to the huge display instead of the front panel and a small touch pad on the steering wheel, there is another 8-inch display mounted between the front seats. This screen is used to control SED. Two more displays are available for rear passengers.

On sale Byton M-Byte will appear in 2020 and will receive a price tag of $ 45,000 with a minimum power reserve in the basic version up to 400 km.

Meanwhile, as part of the ongoing consumer electronics exhibition in Shanghai – CES Asia, a conceptual model of the new electric car Byton K-Byte was shown.