BYD Launches Huawei’s World’s First Car OS

BYD Launches Huawei’s World’s First Car OS

July 14, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Chinese automaker, together with the largest IT giant, developed the world’s first car equipped with the HiCar system on the HarmonyOS software platform. The all-electric novelty is called Han.

HarmonyOS is an Android compatible operating system. It is a proprietary development of Huawei, which the IT giant uses in a variety of techniques – from smartphones and TVs to on-board automotive media centers.

But the new HiCar system allows you to interact with the vehicle through a regular cell phone. So, car owners will be able to remotely lock and unlock doors, change the settings of the air conditioning system, control windows, wipers and other functions in their cars.

The Han electric car, shown by BYD and Huawei, is equipped with a 5G module for connecting to fifth-generation mobile networks. Unfortunately, the company has not yet disclosed other technical specifications.

It should be added that many well-known automakers intend to adopt the 5G HiCar system. It is expected that this complex will be equipped with about 120 models from brands such as Audi, BYD, GAC and BAIC.