BYD introduced the safest battery for electric cars

BYD introduced the safest battery for electric cars

March 31, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The new battery pack can survive being crushed, bent, pierced through and heated.

BYD emphasizes the importance of battery safety for electric cars. The Chinese automaker has introduced a new battery for electric vehicles, which aims to “revise safety standards for the entire industry.” According to the BYD press service, Blade Battery, developed by the company for several years, thanks to its optimized design offers a 50 percent increase in usable space compared to modern units.

The most important point is the statement by BYD that the new battery turned out to be much more durable than any analogue, helping to reduce buyers’ concerns related to the fire or explosion hazard of batteries in electric cars. When piercing the Blade Battery with nails, it did not smoke or ignite, and its temperature never once exceeded 60 degrees Celsius. For comparison, the triple lithium battery in such tests “burned out” and heated up to 500 degrees Celsius, a more typical lithium-ion battery reached a temperature of 200-400 degrees Celsius.

BYD also claims that the Blade battery is much less susceptible to ignition: further tests showed that it included crushing and bending the bag, heating it in an oven to 300 degrees Celsius and recharging by 260%. None of these tests allowed for thermal leakage or fire.

The company’s motivation for launching the Blade EV battery is the constantly growing often “unreasonable pursuit of energy density” of competitors. BYD claims battery manufacturers are becoming obsessed with an ever-increasing range of power, “moving away” from safety in battery development. According to He Long, vice president of BYD and chairman of Findreams Battery Company, many automotive brands are discussing technology-based partnerships with him.