Bulletproof SUV Range Rover made more powerful

Bulletproof SUV Range Rover made more powerful

March 4, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Land Rover has introduced a new modification of the armored SUV Range Rover Sentinel, which received a more powerful engine. The car was equipped with a V8 unit, replacing the old six-cylinder engine.

The new Range Rover Sentinel SUV is equipped with a five-liter V8 engine with a driven supercharger. The engine develops 380 liters. with. – 40 forces more than the previous compressor “six”. A heavy car can accelerate from zero to 100 km / h in 10.4 seconds, and its maximum speed is 193 km per hour.

In the design of the Range Rover Sentinel added more than a ton of armor, which is able to withstand the fire of various small arms, as well as the explosions of improvised explosive devices. Significant upgrades have undergone chassis and suspension.

The equipment of the armored car entered a special emergency manhole through which passengers can leave the car when the doors are locked. In addition, the SUV is equipped with Run-flat tires, allowing, after damage, to travel up to 50 km at a speed of 80 km per hour.

Finally, the list of available equipment included a siren with flashing beacons, a hands-free system, as well as glasses that can fall no more than 150 mm – exclusively for transmitting documents.