Built with Ferrari boat Riva sell for 120 thousand euros

Built with Ferrari boat Riva sell for 120 thousand euros

January 21, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The design of the vessel is made in the style of the Testarossa model.

The rare Riva 32 Ferrari speed boat built in the 1980s was put up for sale. At one time, it was positioned as the water equivalent of Testarossa with a circulation of only 37 (according to another version 40) copies. Now Riva 32 is estimated at 80-120 thousand euros.

In 1988, Riva and Ferrari Engineering signed an agreement on the joint development of a boat, in which they wanted to combine the experience of the Italian shipyard in building luxury ships with the technology and style of the 308 and Testarossa models. That is why on the sides of the 32 Ferrari hull appeared ventilation slots like supercars, and above the wheelhouse there was a huge wing that provides additional lifting power at high speed.

At the beginning of the 1990s, the price of the boat was about 270 thousand dollars (data from Boating magazine for January 1990), which in today’s money would amount to 530 thousand dollars

The Riva 32 Ferrari is powered by two 400-horsepower BPM 450 SC Vulcano V8 engines. They allow the boat to reach a speed of 105 kilometers per hour. This copy is specially painted in a yellow shade of Giallo Modena in combination with a white interior and was originally used for advertising purposes. Until 1998, he remained at the disposal of the Riva shipyard.

Last year, former Bugatti designer Etienne Salome, who founded his own company Salom̩ Yachts, showed sketches of a sports boat in the spirit of the Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic. The latest developments in the field of aerodynamics of Formula 1 cars made it possible to make the boat very stable at speed, and two 880-horsepower Volvo engines also fast Рthe ship can develop 55-60 knots or 102-111 kilometers per hour.