Built the largest camper for outdoor recreation

Built the largest camper for outdoor recreation

December 1, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

This off-road trailer is designed for four adults and has a half-meter ground clearance.

Today, overlaying is insanely popular, and for it, a variety of campers are used on the basis of vans and SUVs. But adventurers can use their regular car for this, having attached a motorhome to it.

Into The Wild Overlands has released a new trailer model called the XT12 for friendly companies, spacious and off-road.

Four adults can comfortably sleep in the trailer, and two of them will sleep with great comfort. There is a lifting roof, shower, cassette toilet, as well as a remote kitchen with sink, three-burner stove and a 75-liter refrigerator. There is even a stove with forced air for heating the trailer and solar panels for 250 amp-hours. The canopy, equipping the space near the trailer, you can pull in different ways.

It sounds pretty comfortable, but that’s not all. The XT12 has a sturdy steel frame, wheels with off-road tires and independent suspension. The ground clearance of the trailer is 50.8 cm, its length is 5.5 meters, weight is 1.36 tons.

The price of XT12 has not yet been announced, but it will probably cost from 40 thousand to 45 thousand dollars. The company currently offers two types of trailer – XT and MXT, the latter equipped with motorcycle mounts. Trailer sales will begin in the spring of 2020.