Building story of Lego Bentley Blower

Building story of Lego Bentley Blower

October 16, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Today we want to introduce great designer Ben Croot who made classic car Bentley Blower from Lego parts. He told us his incredible story of the creation of this car.

“The Bentley Blower is a Le Mans race car from the late 20s and the moment I saw it I knew it would succeed as a Lego model. I didn‘t know much about how a car worked or the histories behind it but purely based off appearance I just knew it would work. Lego haven’t yet explored motors of this age so I thought the Blower would bring something different to the table. Classic race cars such as this Bentley are bulky and robust in shape, unlike most of the cars of today, which I believe allows you to recreate them better in Lego form. 

I see this project as a way of bringing an old classic icon back into the spotlight. 

The model took me around eight months to build. 

I studied countless images and the Haynes manual to understand how the car is built. It was a big puzzle really and I treated it like an investigation, I digitally overlapped chassis blueprints with images of the body and layed images over a Lego stud grid to get an idea of scale. I think I enjoy this (less stressful) stage more than the actually building of the car! 

The design was slowly developed through trial and error- a cycle of build, take apart, rebuild. It features working ‘worm and wheel’ steering and a removable bonnet to reveal the 4½ litre engine. The driveshaft and crankshaft are made using Technic parts (that allow you to create mechanisms) and they are connected to the rear wheels- meaning the pistons move as the model is pushed along.

The car sports a British racing green and a camouflage green, both of which don’t exist in Lego bricks so I had to spray paint each brick to achieve the all important look.

The model is on Lego Ideas, a place where projects try to reach 10,000 votes within a time limit, and doing so grants them the exciting chance of becoming a real Lego set. 

Thanks to the help and enthusiasm of amazing people, the Bentley has so far gained just over 6,500 votes- although I now have just 240 days left to reach 10,000.”

Let’s support this talented designer together and vote for the Bentley Blower

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