Bugatti will no longer use clay prototypes of new models

Bugatti will no longer use clay prototypes of new models

March 11, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

In a recent interview, a representative of the French brand said that prototypes of new models that are made of clay will no longer be used. Digital models are much cheaper.

A clay model is something that many of us think about when it comes to the car design process. This has been a core technique throughout the automotive industry for a long time, helping designers and engineers visualize a product long before it goes into mass production. It also gave designers the opportunity to quickly change the existing shape of all body parts. But thanks to the development of technology, this approach had to be abandoned. In particular, the designers of the French brand Bugatti made this decision.

 In a recent interview, Bugatti chief designer Achim Anschaitt said that the idea of ​​stopping the creation of clay versions of new models and developing designs using virtual reality has been considered for over 20 years.

Virtual reality or VR, has many advantages – it is fast, cheap and extremely true. There is no need for brown clay or large design studios necessary to create the design of new models. Instead, you just need a computer, a headset, and a virtual machine. Instead of spending time developing a new clay model or changing an existing one, a car can be changed almost instantly in the virtual world, giving designers and engineers more freedom than ever before when it comes to developing a new model.

 “Technology will continue to change automotive design and development. Think about 3D printing and how it can help automakers quickly prototype new parts without the need for conventional manufacturing processes, ”added Mr. Ansheidt.