Bugatti Veyron celebrates 15th anniversary of setting a speed record

Bugatti Veyron celebrates 15th anniversary of setting a speed record

April 25, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The French brand decided to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the day when the Veyron hypercar set an absolute speed record among production cars – the car was able to overcome the speed mark of 402.25 km / h.

On April 19, 2005, an attempt was made to establish an absolute speed record among serial cars. According to Bugatti, test pilot of the Veyron hypercar Uwe Novaki got behind the wheel without a hint of nervousness. The man was so used to testing cars at high speed that it was probably another of his usual trips. At that time, he was a leading instructor in driving safety and a member of the technical team, a job that constantly “forced” him to accelerate to speeds of 300 km / h and above.

 But that day was different, the pilot needed to accelerate to a maximum speed for Veyron, which was at around 400 km / h. At that time, it was simply unattainable speed for other similar mass-produced cars.

 Of course, the goal was achieved when the Bugatti Veyron accelerated to 407 km / h, setting a record for maximum speed, which other car manufacturers did not even imagine. Since then, the Bugatti has become synonymous with speed.

Achieving such an incredible speed mainly became possible thanks to the 16-cylinder engine. The W16 was built from the ground up, with a displacement of 8.0 liters and four turbochargers. The power of this monster was equal to 1001 hp. (1250 Nm) – impressive numbers even with today’s standards.

 But it’s not just about the engine. Veyron’s sophisticated active aerodynamics have played a huge role in achieving the goal of setting a world record. Upon reaching 220 km / h, the Bugatti hypercar begins to regulate its external elements – a diffuser, a rear spoiler and a dividing edge using central hydraulics – to ensure exceptional vehicle stability over the entire speed range.