Bugatti unveils champagne for last year’s record

Bugatti unveils champagne for last year’s record

October 24, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

A bottle of exclusive Bugatti champagne costs 270 euros.

It is worth recalling that in September 2019, Bugatti announced a new world record for maximum speed, which was set on the “close to production” Chiron hypercar. Rider Andy Wallace was behind the steering wheel of the modified hypercar, and he was able to accelerate to 490.484 km / h.

Stefan Winkelmann, head of the Bugatti brand, shared that the company became the first automaker in the world to achieve high results in steel. Now, Bugatti has unveiled a limited edition champagne to mark last year’s record. The drink was produced by the French company Champagne Carbon, and the limited edition was named ƎB.02 300+ Vintage 2006 Grand Cru.

A branded bottle of champagne of 2006 with a carbon fiber coating will cost 270 euros. Note that the same amount will have to pay for a bottle of 15-year-old ƎB.01 for Bugatti champagne, shown earlier.