Bugatti tests Divo hypercar in extreme desert conditions

Bugatti tests Divo hypercar in extreme desert conditions

April 23, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Engineers at the French automaker are testing the Bugatti Divo hypercar in the harsh desert conditions. In a recently published post on Facebook, the social network says that the car is tested at speeds of 250 km / h and at a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius.

Remember the French hypercar Bugatti Divo? Last year, he made a huge sensation at the Pebble Beach event, hitting everyone with his formidable changes in appearance and performance compared to Bugatti Chiron. The car was intended mainly for use on the racetrack. The novelty received the same 1500-horsepower Quad-Turbo W16 engine. The maximum speed is now 380 km / h. The increase in dynamic performance was achieved, in particular, by reducing the overall weight of the model.

 But in the end, the novelty disappeared from attention as quickly as it appeared. As you can see from Bugatti’s Facebook post, the Bugatti Divo satin black hypercar is undergoing a thorough high-temperature “training” in the desert.

We do not know the exact location of this test, but the post of the brand says that Divo is tested at speeds of 250 km / h and temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius. We doubt that Divo owners will ever expose their car to such extremes, but just in case Bugatti seems ready to make sure that the hypercar will cope with this task. Bugatti will release only 40 units of this model and it is reported that all of them are already sold. In January, the dealership of the company in Germany, put up for sale one of these hypercars at a price of 7,913,500 euros. Deliveries of hypercar should begin at the end of this year or in early 2020.