Bugatti teases fans with teaser for new hypercar

Bugatti teases fans with teaser for new hypercar

January 7, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

A mysterious hypercar hidden under a protective cover is depicted on a dark background. The lack of light makes it difficult to see in detail the only “naked” part of the car.

Over the past few years, Bugatti has been considering replenishing its model line. Recently, a curious teaser has appeared in social networks, indicating that the brand may have another independent product from the Bugatti atelier in Molsheim, writes the foreign publication The teaser image, despite all its mystery, turned out to be uninformative. The manufacturer partially showed the front of the car, however, to make out its design, we lack light.

By working on the brightness, you can slightly improve the overview: a thin vertical headlight is found on the teaser, which differs from the optics of the same Chiron. The declassified brand of information is clearly not enough for experts to draw a final conclusion: is there yet another variation of Chiron, or is it a completely new hypercar? At the same time, experts are absolutely sure that the future model will be released in a series.

Interestingly, another alleged novelty built on La Voiture Noire is also being tried for the role of the mysterious hypercar. Such a car, most likely, will be intended for inveterate collectors and will receive a limited edition.

 Which of the experts’ assumptions will turn out to be true, time will tell. Fans of the brand in absentia call the mysterious hypercar “fantastic” and look forward to its presentation.