Bugatti reveals the heart of the new hypercar

Bugatti reveals the heart of the new hypercar

October 27, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Bugatti will lift the curtain on what looked like a hypercar for the WEC tomorrow. Thanks to a new teaser photo, rumors that it will be a Le Mans hypercar seem to have failed again.

A week ago, an image of the rear panel of an unknown Bugatti with cross-shaped lighting appeared on Bugatti’s social networks. This week kicked off with a cryptic ‘0.67’ clue that seems to indicate the new rider’s horsepower per kilogram ratio, which is exactly in line with the new WEC LMH vehicle requirements. The relatively low and well-built car in question was also spotted at the Paul Ricard circuit, and in general all the pieces of the puzzle fell into place. Or so it seemed.

This new teaser casts doubt on whether this is an LMH vehicle. Here, among other things, you can consider the power plant, steering wheel and wheels of the hypercar. And while the steering wheel betrays the car’s racing purpose, behind the two front seats we see something that does not involve WEC: the powerful W16 that the Chiron uses. Due in part to its weight, the giant block is not a logical choice for an LMH car, and in the Chiron it is too powerful for the WEC. After all, the rules state that hypercars can produce “only” 670bhp, less than half the normal power of the W16.

Fortunately, tomorrow we will find out everything, but, most likely, we have a very powerful hypercar, which is completely unrelated to participation in the WEC. With a factor of 0.67 kg per horsepower, or 1,500 horsepower in a 1,000 kilogram vehicle, the SSC Tuatara may already be gearing up for a new attempt by Bugatti to reclaim the crown.