Bugatti recalls two copies of the hypercar Chiron

Bugatti recalls two copies of the hypercar Chiron

July 21, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Press service of the French automaker Bugatti said that there are 2 hypercar Chiron in the US, which may have problems with side airbags. The armchairs will be seized and sent to France, where the company’s specialists will perform all necessary work.

A recent report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on the US highways indicates that the company employee incorrectly installed the side airbags for the French hypercar of the Bugatti Chiron – it is reported that during the installation, heat shields could suffer. During the internal test at the car manufacturer’s factory, “burn marks” were found, which could appear only when exposed to high temperatures on the airbags next to the gas generator. According to representatives of the company Bugatti, this phenomenon at times reduces the effectiveness of these airbags.

It is reported that in the coming days, the owners of the two problematic hypercar Chiron, in question, will receive letters from the French automaker. Then representatives of Bugatti will organize a meeting to inspect the cars.

After that, the “official partners of Bugatti” will remove the seats and pack them in specially designed wooden boxes, after which they will be sent to France. At the Bugatti plant, they will be thoroughly inspected and if it is determined that they have been incorrectly installed with a heat shield, they will be sent to the supplier to replace the side airbag module. Then the chairs will be returned to the United States and installed back.

Naturally, absolutely all the work to identify and then correct the malfunctions will be made entirely at the expense of the French brand. But the time this procedure will take much more than an ordinary visit to the service center.

Recently, on the Internet, the first image of the new hypercar Bugatti Chiron Divo appeared.