Bugatti posted photos of the tracked version of the Chiron hypercar

Bugatti posted photos of the tracked version of the Chiron hypercar

May 18, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The car manufacturer’s press service has published several photos showing Pur Sport’s Bugatti Chiron hypercar – a version of the car designed for use on a racetrack.

The French Bugatti Veyron hypercar for a long time was released in various special versions, in particular thanks to the release of exclusive versions of the car, a total of 450 copies of this car were planned for production. A similar approach will probably be used for the successor model – the Chiron hypercar. And this time, the new version of the hypercar is very different from the standard Chiron from a technical point of view.

 It’s about the Pur Sport version. Judging by its maximum speed, then this is the slowest Chiron. Well, the “slowest” is probably not the most suitable term to use, as the car can still accelerate to 350 km / h.

In this car, Bugatti decided to give preference to high-speed driving on racetracks, rather than absolute maximum speed. According to the manufacturer, a hypercar will be able to become the king of any race track.

   A couple of minutes ago, the company’s press service published photos of the Chiron Pur Sport, a much-annoyed novelty, replacing the blue-black color scheme of the hypercar body

Although they, of course, cannot be called the most beautiful wheels, they are quite unusual, and in particular because they are made of magnesium. Bugatti says that each wheel is four kilograms lighter than usual, and in addition, they can be optionally equipped with aerodynamic carbon fiber wings to increase airflow and improve cooling.

 The wheels are wrapped with Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2R tires, which were specially developed for Pur Sport to maximize the performance of the car on the track, providing more traction.

In conclusion, I note that each instance of the new items will cost 3.24 million dollars