Bugatti made for the Chiron panoramic roof

Bugatti made for the Chiron panoramic roof

July 25, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The company Bugatti introduced a new option for the hypercar Chiron called Sky View. This is a panoramic roof, consisting of two fixed glass panels, thanks to which the space above the head of passengers can be increased by 2.7 centimeters. The public debut of Chiron Sky View will take place at the Monterey Car Week festival in late August.

Each Sky View panel is 65 centimeters long and 44 centimeters wide. It is a laminated structure with a thin glass and four intermediate layers of a certain functionality. The first layer is responsible for noise and sound insulation, the second – for protection from infrared radiation. The third and fourth layers prevent blinding and filter out ultraviolet rays.

When installing Sky View, the structural rigidity of the body of the hypercar and the level of safety are completely preserved. The lamination also improves the rigidity of the roof.

The cost of the option is not called. Perhaps, it will be known after the August premiere of the car.

In late August, Bugatti also plans to introduce a new hypercard called Divo. This will be the most “driver” car brand. Divo will release 40 copies, the price of each will be at least five million euros.