Bugatti launches new customer service program

Bugatti launches new customer service program

March 5, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Bugatti’s new program is called “Passeport Tranquillite”.

Owners of Bugatti Chiron and Bugatti Veyron hypercars can now purchase a new service program for their vehicles, which takes effect upon expiration of the factory warranty. It is reported that the new program is already operating in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, and soon it will be available to American clients of the company.

The essence of the new warranty is as follows – for a certain fee, Bugatti Veyron owners will be able to get 2 or 4 years of additional service. Obviously, no one drives such a car every day, so only one service is provided per year. Besides, the client can choose one of several tariffs. For example, if his hypercar is in the collection and does not leave the garage, the Collector tariff plan is available to him.

A warranty package is also available for the Bugatti Chiron. Only now the owner of such a car can purchase it for a period of 4 years. For customers who own more than one car, the manufacturer goes to a meeting and offers flexible warranty options. The cost of the service is not disclosed.