Bugatti is interested in creating exclusive models

Bugatti is interested in creating exclusive models

June 5, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Apparently, the guys from the French brand Bugatti are very pleased with the result that their most expensive hypercar model La Voiture Noire could achieve. The car was worth 18.68 million dollars and in spite of this price tag, the buyer was found.

It was in early 2019, when the French company Bugatti presented its most expensive hypercar La Voiture Noire to the world. The price of the car, which was shown at the Geneva Motor Show, was exorbitant 18,680,000 dollars. And despite the crazy amount of money, there was still a person who bought this model.

What turns out, the creation of such an expensive car costs a lot of money and effort. But apparently it is worth it. According to insiders, the leadership of the French brand is very pretty with the results that the exclusive La Voiture Noire was able to achieve and they want to repeat it.

By the way, I almost forgot, that copy of the expensive car was just a prototype – it is reported that its serial version will be shown only in 2021.

It turns out that despite the very, very expensive price tags for cars, there are always people who are ready to buy them. Much time has passed since Bugatti representatives announced that the Divo hypercar, which is essentially a more powerful version of the Chiron model, will be available only to those who previously bought Chiron. Yes, a strange policy, but as history shows, many people went to great lengths to eventually become the proud owner of an exclusive Divo hypercar.