Bugatti has released half of the planned Chiron hypercars

Bugatti has released half of the planned Chiron hypercars

February 20, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Bugatti Corporation has released the 250th instance of the Chiron model, marking the “equator” of the entire production cycle of this car, the circulation of which should be limited to 500 cars.

The “intermediate” hypercar in a special version under the name Sport Edition Noire Sportive will debut in March at the Geneva auto show.

The main feature of this car was a matte shade, which painted carbon fiber body, aerodynamic elements, as well as titanium exhaust pipes. In the interior, a black shade was used in the design of the seats, gearbox selector and other details.

 From the technical side, the special version has not changed. So, it still has under the hood a W16 power unit with a volume of 8.0 liters with a capacity of 1600 hp, which has 4 turbochargers. The car can accelerate to the first 100 kph in 2.5 seconds and accelerate to a maximum of 440 km / h.

The Bugatti brand will release only 20 hypercars in the Sport Edition Noire Sportive variation, each of which will cost from $ 3.3 million. In total, 250 planned cars remained in the Chiron life cycle, over 150 of which have already found their owners.