Bugatti forced to stop development of its new model

Bugatti forced to stop development of its new model

October 7, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

In a recent interview, the French automaker’s CEO revealed that the project to create an all-new Bugatti model had to be frozen for now. A further plan of action regarding the novelty will be known in the coming month.

Rumors of a more affordable and practical Bugatti vehicle have been circulating for years. A few months ago, it seemed that the French manufacturer was really evaluating the possibility of creating such a car and would soon be officially announced. Unfortunately, at the moment, the management of the French brand decided to stop the creation of this project.

According to a new report from overseas Bloomberg, the automaker will postpone its plans for a new model until at least the Volkswagen Group’s annual investment review (Bugatti is part of the German concern), scheduled for next month.

This decision will have an obvious connection with the crisis caused by the spread of coronavirus infection that has affected the automotive industry.

“We had big plans for our new model,” commented Bugatti chief Stefan Winkelmann in a recent interview with Bloomberg TV. “Now the project is blocked due to the coronavirus crisis; we are not talking about what will happen next. “

We first heard of a possible postponement of Bugatti’s plans in July this year, when it was revealed that VAG had decided to prioritize increasing sales, rather than creating new cars, to cope with the post-coronavirus pandemic. Whether this new information means that the project to create a new car from Bugatti is completely canceled or simply postponed, it is too early to say.

Not so long ago, AutoTimesNews wrote that watch how the body of the Bugatti Divo hypercar is covered with a protective film. A video has appeared on the YouTube channel Topaz Detailing, which captures the mesmerizing process of installing a protective film on the complex body panels of the French Bugatti Divo hypercar. The price of the protective coating has not been specified, but there is no doubt that it is a very expensive pleasure.