Bugatti doesn’t want to get involved in the battle for a speed record

Bugatti doesn’t want to get involved in the battle for a speed record

March 30, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

In June 2016, the former head of Bugatti Wolfgang Dyurhaymer announced that the company could conduct a new record race with a hypercar Chiron, in order to bring the car to the Guinness Book of Records. It’s been almost two years, but it’s still there, but why?

On the nose in April 2018, and as reported by Motor1, Bugatti is no longer going to conduct any record races with his hypercar Chiron. This was stated by the current boss of the brand Stefan Winkelmann.

According to him, at the moment he has other important things, except how to organize record races. When asked if there will be such a race in the future, the boss Bugatti replied as follows: “Maybe I do not know.”

Many, of course, would like to know what Chiron is capable of and its “fresh” version of Chiron Sport. The official maximum speed of Chiron is limited by a mark of 380 kilometers per hour, and those who want to accelerate faster will have to get a special key from Bugatti, and then the speed threshold will move to 420 kilometers per hour. But many are confident that he can go faster, but how much?

This question is not answered by the current boss, and, apparently, he is not going to look for an answer.

So, let’s think about why Bugatti is in no hurry with a record race. First, now the company has 320 firm orders for Chiron, and if you order a car now, you can get the keys from it in about 2021. Everything goes, as they say, according to plan.

Chiron has a very serious opponent – Koenigsegg Agera RS. In November last year, this car accelerated to 446.97 kilometers per hour, and we are talking about measurements using the timekeeping equipment Racelogic, in whose reputation there is no doubt. But this record was not officially registered.

However, up to 400 kilometers per hour, Chiron accelerates in 41.96 seconds, while Agera RS requires 33.29 seconds. But Agera RS is not the flagship of Koenigsegg, and the company has an even more extreme hypercar: Regera, whose dynamic characteristics are still kept secret.

Maybe it is these circumstances that led to the fact that Bugatti decided to wait with a record race? How to know, but in 2010 it was the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport that accelerated to 431 kilometers per hour, and this record was officially registered. True, in April 2013 it was canceled, but this is a completely different story.