Bugatti Divo is not the end! Chiron Superlight, Super Sport and Roadster are prepared

Bugatti Divo is not the end! Chiron Superlight, Super Sport and Roadster are prepared

September 15, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Only recently we saw a new new model Bugatti Divo, built on the basis of the famous hypercar Chiron. But now there were reports that the company is preparing three more modifications – each with its own characteristics.

If you thought that the Bugatti Divo is the last reinterpretation of the hypercar Chiron – then you were wrong. According to the magazine Automobile Magazine, Bugatti works, at least, over three modifications: Superlight, Super Sport and Roadster. And they are all aimed at erecting certain features of the car to a new level.

One of the following car will be the Chiron Superlight model – a car aimed at maximum weight reduction. In addition, aerodynamics will be significantly improved. After that, the track version of Chiron Super Sport will be released, which will apply all the development of aerodynamics and weight reduction, but with an additional emphasis on sports use.

But the most interesting option will be the Bugatti Chiron Roadster. As you can see from the name – the car will get an open top, but it will become the slowest and heaviest in the line (possibly). Although earlier the company stated that such a version will never be released.

It remains to see how Divo customers will respond to these additional models, especially since all three will be released in very limited series. Although it is not surprising that the company strives to earn as much money as possible in the rapidly growing market of premium cars. Pagani Huayras and Koenigseggs are already coming close to it.

Of course, now the details are unknown, but we can say with confidence that all three versions will be equipped with the already familiar W16 engine from Bugatti with a working volume of 8.0 liters. Characteristics and power can be completely different, depending on the model.

In addition, Bugatti was interested in the possibility of creating a fully electric hypercar. A similar model may appear, but the company will have to cooperate with Porsche or Rimac, who already have experience in these developments.

In the meantime, Bugatti CEO Stefan Winkelmann noted that their W16 engine with a working volume of 8.0 liters is “the last of its kind”, and it will be finalized.