Bugatti built a children’s car for the price of Toyota Camry

Bugatti built a children’s car for the price of Toyota Camry

September 18, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Baby II is modeled on the original car for children of the 20s

Bugatti showed a prototype of a Baby II baby car built with an eye on the original 1926 Baby. The car is equipped with an electric power plant with a lithium-ion battery and a recovery system, as well as a rear differential.

The original Bugatti Baby appeared in 1926. Ettore Bugatti and his son Jean built a car for the four-year-old Roland – Bugatti’s youngest son, having copied the exterior of the car from the Bugatti Type 35. The Babu series, enthusiastically received by the public at the Paris Motor Show, went under the name Type 52. It was equipped with an Paris-Rhone electric motor ( 3.5 horsepower), 12-volt battery and gear with reverse gear.

The little car was intended for children 6-8 years old and could accelerate to 20 kilometers per hour. It was bought by wealthy businessmen, crowns, celebrities, and some Bugatti customers received a car as a gift. The price of Baby at that time was 5,000 francs, which in modern money was about 4.5 thousand euros

The construction of the modern Bugatti Baby II, the render of which was shown back in March of this year, began with the digitization of each Type 35 detail of the 1924 model. Based on these images, brand designers created a reduced copy of the machine in a 1: 2 scale. It was equipped with an electric motor with output power switching between one (1.36 horsepower) and four kilowatts (5.5 power), as well as a Speed ​​Key remote control as on the Chiron, which disables the speed limiter and raises power to 10 kilowatts or 13.6 horsepower strength.

Other features of the Bugatti Baby II include a limited-slip differential in the rear axle, a 1.4 or 3.8 kilowatt-hour traction battery (maximum mileage without recharging is 30 kilometers), a power plant power indicator debuted on the Veyron, and a hollow front suspension, like the original machine has working lighting equipment, a hand brake and a logo on the “nose” made of 50 grams of pure silver.

The entire circulation of 500 copies of Baby II (the same was in the first Baby) has already been sold out. At the same time, prices start at 30 thousand euros. For such a price in Russia you can buy, for example, Toyota Camry. Three versions were offered to customers: the base with a composite body, Vitesse with a carbon fiber body and Speed ​​Key, as well as Pur Sang with an aluminum body and Speed ​​Key.