Bugatti announces plans for a new 4-seater model

Bugatti announces plans for a new 4-seater model

September 11, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

As part of his recent interview with reporters from Automotive News Europe, French carmaker president Stefan Winkelman hinted at the very clear possibility of a new Bugatti.

The elite brand of the German Volkswagen Group concern – the company Bugatti, is actively considering the possibility of creating a new four-seater model, which will be representative of a completely new model range of the company. However, this is easier said than done, since such a vehicle will require a large development budget, as it will be very different from the existing Chiron hypercar with its powerful W16 engine.

During a recent interview with CEO Stefan Winkelmann, he made an interesting comment about the possible emergence of a new super-fast car. Winkelmann refused to talk about at what stage the decision is now made to finance a new project, since he is not the one who makes such decisions.

If the French high-end brand still finds a way to provide the financial means to create a second completely new model, it will certainly not be an all-electric Chiron. Mr. Winkelmann claims that hypercars should still have a regular gasoline power plant. He separately noted that “the internal combustion engine will be relevant for a long time.”

At the same time, the former president and CEO of Lamborghini (the company is also part of the Volkswagen Group) mentioned that an electrified installation, which could very well be based on a gasoline engine, would make sense for daily use and, moreover, its price would be less.