Budget analog Hyundai Santa Fe was 3 times cheaper than the original

Budget analog Hyundai Santa Fe was 3 times cheaper than the original

November 5, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Another “clone” Hyundai Santa Fe has got a price tag that compares it favorably with the original crossover. Landwind E315 was officially introduced back in March, but the manufacturer did not rush to the prices.

Landwind has “declassified” the cost and the start date of sales of the new flagship crossover Landwind E315 E315, which is similar to the updated Hyundai Santa Fe. It would be wrong to call the new product a complete copy of the Korean SUV, since the original features are still present here. For example, in its own style, the brand designed the stern of the crossover. Over the appearance of the flagship, experts from the Italian studio GFG Style, founded by the famous Giorgetto Giugiaro, worked.

 Inside the novelty there is advanced multimedia with a huge touchscreen, which is visually combined with a virtual dashboard under one neat visor. In addition, the front-wheel-drive Landwind E315 has a sports steering wheel, a convenient gearshift lever and a “grown” center console.

As a motor, customers will be offered a one and a half liter gasoline “turbo four” with a return of 163 hp.

Landwind products are not in high demand even in the home market. Even frank “cloning” of popular models does not save the situation: such analogues become much cheaper than original cars. To interest buyers, the brand decided to offer them a spectacular new product. How successful this move will be, time will tell. For the most affordable Landwind E315 they ask for only 82,800 yuan. This is almost three times lower than the price of the original Hyundai Santa Fe 2019.

Recall that we previously published the TOP-5 of the Chinese “clones” of popular premium cars. The first place went to the Zotye SR9 model, which copies the luxurious German Porsche Macan crossover.