Brutal SUV Haval G-Class showed on teasers

Brutal SUV Haval G-Class showed on teasers

May 31, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Teaser images shed light on the fact that soon the line of off-road vehicles of the Chinese brand can expand very seriously.

Chinese automaker Haval has published teaser images of its new SUV. Initially, many thought that this was a new generation of H5, but this information was not confirmed. Even if you did not look for differences between the two machines, the inscription “I am not H5” was visible on the teaser, which dispelled the last doubts. To date, it is known that the new product has received the factory index B06 and will most likely relate to the line of H models.

Serial images turned out to be so detailed that the appearance of the novelty is almost completely declassified. In many ways, the exterior will resemble the legendary Mercedes G-Class. This can be traced to the general brutal appearance, the grille, the design of the headlights and rear-view mirrors. However, in terms of size, the new Haval is visually smaller than a German car.

Unlike the Haval H5, a car with the B06 index will not receive a frame body structure. Most likely, it will use the most modern platform with a transverse engine. If the information is confirmed, then the engine range should consist of 1.5- and 2.0-liter power plants, which are combined with a robotic gearbox.

But the car’s interior has already been shown in spy photos – it should be noted virtual dashboard, as well as an unusual form of infotainment complex. Most likely, the presentation of new items will take place in the summer, and sales in China will begin before the end of this year.