Brown: Victory in Singapore helped both Vettel and Leclair

Brown: Victory in Singapore helped both Vettel and Leclair

September 25, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Summing up the past Singapore Grand Prix, Formula 1 sports director Ross Brown talked about how Vettel’s victory will affect Ferrari.

Ross Brown: “It has been 23 Grand Prix since Sebastian Vettel the previous time climbed to the top of the podium. Now on his account five victories in Singapore – more than in any other Grand Prix. Moreover, the victory was obtained on the track, which, perhaps, least suited Ferrari. And yet he won an unexpected but well-deserved victory. Ferrari was the fastest in qualifying, and then worked perfectly in a race where tactics decided a lot, especially in the first segment.

And here is a surprise for you! It was Sebastian to the maximum who took advantage of the earlier pit stop, ahead of the partner who was the leader at the beginning of the race, as well as Lewis Hamilton, who decided to drive a longer first segment. This is an important event for the German rider, because he went through a difficult period, especially in Monza he had little reason to rejoice, although he stands for Ferrari.

In addition, it cheered the whole team, starting with Mattia Binotto. Scuderia made progress in working with the machine, and the news brought to Singapore worked on the highway, where downforce plays a key role. This promises a lot of good to the team next year.

Finally, the victory brought relief to Sebastian. She helped him regain confidence in herself, and also took off part of the pressure due to Leclair’s phenomenal progress. But how can this affect the dynamics within the team?

It may seem strange, but Vettel’s success was important for Charles, although he was unhappy with how the events developed in the race. Monegask is hungry for victories – it should be so, but in the future it will help him that now the team is working more calmly, there are fewer distractions, and more and more focused on finalizing the machine, and this is an important part of preparing for the next season.

Although the Singapore Grand Prix was inferior in passions to several races of the second half of the summer – I mean the dramatic races in Budapest, Spa and Monza – in my opinion, we saw an exciting spectacle that kept everyone in suspense. Of course, this is a different type of show, especially in terms of the struggle between the top teams. Racers in the first six positions may not have been particularly fierce, but with the help of strategy experts they played an intriguing chess game.

In such races, the role of commentators on TV and the Internet is especially important. At the same time, text broadcasts are becoming increasingly important, because people are increasingly using the second screen to closely monitor the development of events on the highway. Infographics on TV can make watching a race more interesting, and we work a lot in this area, almost daily discuss with broadcasters how to improve the product that they offer to viewers around the world.

In addition, the important role of journalists who analyze the Grand Prix, passing information to readers. One of the most entertaining aspects of Formula 1 is how diverse this show can be. In qualification, there is a struggle for every thousandth of a second, the battle for victory continues throughout the race, and the one whose strategists worked better wins. We all need to work together to ensure that our sport has more fans, especially among those who are still watching the race from time to time.

Two-thirds of the season, almost everyone was sure that Ferrari is fast on those routes where a lot depends on engine power, Red Bull Racing has good chances where aerodynamics play a more important role, and Mercedes has a more advanced car that can work better with tires. However, after the race in Singapore, we are talking about the winning double of the Ferrari and the absence of Mercedes racers on the podium. Did revolution happen in two weeks? Of course not, because the Silver Arrows are still fast, but in order to get ahead of them, the rivals must do everything just perfectly.

Since next year the technical regulations will not practically change, it makes sense to continue to finalize the machine, even when the fate of the title is more or less decided – this may come in handy next year.

So, for Ferrari it is important that their car was competitive on the Singapore highway. In a sense, this will help Mercedes, because now they know that they cannot relax yet if they want to continue to dominate in the era of hybrid technologies. Red Bull Racing is also participating in this fight – and thanks to a duel of three teams, the end of the season will be even more interesting.

Top teams will fight hard in every Grand Prix, regardless of the situation in the Cup of designers and in the individual competition. Not only for the sake of struggle or prestige, but also in order to better prepare for the next season. ”