Brown: Chinese Grand Prix can be rescheduled

Brown: Chinese Grand Prix can be rescheduled

February 6, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

We said that the FIA ​​and Formula 1 are concerned about the situation with the spread of coronavirus and the prospects of holding the Grand Prix of China. The other day, the city of Shanghai forbade sporting events until the outbreak, and yesterday in London there was a meeting of the Formula 1 Strategic Group, the participants of which discussed the current situation.

The sports director of Formula 1 Ross Brown did not rule out that the Grand Prix could be postponed to a later date, but the final decision should be made in the next two or three weeks. According to him, now everything depends on the decision of the promoter of the race.

Ross Brown: “If the race does not take place on the scheduled day, April 19, then it will be postponed. We will leave the opportunity to hold it at a later date. China is a booming market, so we would like to hold the Grand Prix there. Most likely, we will not swap stages, but try to find free time for the Grand Prix of China near the end of the year.

Everything is very difficult. We are waiting for the stage promoter in Shanghai and the local authorities to make a decision, and I assume that they will. All public events in March were canceled – this is a tragic and difficult situation. I believe that in the next two weeks we will find out what awaits us.

There are two deadlines associated with logistics. One of them expires this or next week – this is the date of departure of the sea cargo when we must send fuel and the like. But it’s okay if we send this cargo, and then we have to return it.

The second term is the dates on which people must be sent to Shanghai so that they will prepare everything for the race. This will happen in two or three weeks. This is the decisive moment. Just then we will say how events will develop. ”

The last time in the history of Formula 1 race was canceled in 2011 when due to riots there was a threat to the Grand Prix of Bahrain. And then, too, an attempt was made to postpone the stage to a later date, but the teams did not support it, so the race was eventually canceled.

The 2020 calendar consists of 22 Grand Prix, and it is very tightly compiled, so nine races should go through the final third of the season in 14 weeks. An attempt to include in it the Chinese stage may also encounter serious difficulties associated with logistics, and it is far from the fact that the teams will do this.