Brough Superior motorcycle most expensive

March 9, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Nowadays, the fame and history of the brand Brough Superior strongly influences the price of a motorcycle, even if its condition is better. The bike is partially disassembled, some parts lie in the boxes. All components were inspected – the package is complete. He has a full ownership history. On this motorcycle a certain F.P. Dixon

At one time, Brough Superior was considered the Rolls Royce in the world of motorcycles. Mr. Dickson raced International Six Days Trials (ISDT, nowadays called ISDE) at Brough Superior (which one is unknown) and won two gold medals. He was on the same team as the legendary Eddie Meyer.

In 1930, according to auctioneers, Dixon spoke at ISDT 1930 along with George Bro and Eddie Meyerm. The story is fuzzy, there are some contradictions. Dixon finished the show with a fall. He probably chased a motorcycle shown in the photo and broke his leg. He was then taken to the hospital. George Bro also broke his leg.

Dixon caught pneumonia in the hospital and died in 1931. George Brough survived the turning point, but for all his life he earned a limp. Medicine of the 30s …

In connection with the legendary past motorcycle is estimated at 560 000+ dollars. Included is a log of registrations, and the first owner marked George Bro. In 1974, the motorcycle was bought by the last owner, who died not so long ago.