Britons on a horse-drawn cart refused to serve at KFC

Britons on a horse-drawn cart refused to serve at KFC

June 21, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

In England, the KFC fast food chain restaurant refused to serve a horse-drawn car driver through a window for motorists.

A man named Jan Bell – a lover of horse-drawn transport, he arrived at a KFC chain restaurant in a cart with a seven-year-old tinker horse harnessed to it for a bite to eat. Following the rules, Jan waited in turn behind other motorists and already wanted to order a chicken, when suddenly a manager came to him and said that they would not serve him. “I could not believe my ears, I did nothing wrong. John John (the name of the horse is Ian Bell) behaved as he should, he was quiet, like a lamb, he is a very well-mannered horse, ”says the victim.

Ian could not prove his equality to other KFC clients, as a result of which he had to take a course at McDonald’s for Big Mac. “No one there blinked an eye, they just gave me food. I think that my communication with KFC was absolutely disgusting, it is discrimination against people with horses and carts. Where I come from is the usual way to get around, ”Bell said indignantly.

The KFC network on this occasion, through its press service, said that the decision not to serve Jan was made for security reasons: “We cannot allow horse-drawn carriages to move in our restaurant.”

Ian Bell says that he suffered a serious pelvic injury last year after being knocked off by another horse. The man is single, lives in the coastal town of Sillot and loves his horse John John very much. Together they get to Carlisle in a car with a trailer, after which Ian harnesses John to the cart and they drive around the city, which positively affects his health. “If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t be here now,” the man says.

Ian Bell is not going to stop there: now he is interested in how the management of the Burger King network will behave in a similar situation.