British win trials with Volkswagen dieselgate

British win trials with Volkswagen dieselgate

April 7, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Approximately 90 thousand car owners will receive compensation.

About 90,000 owners of Audi, Seat, Skoda, and Volkswagen cars won a lawsuit in the UK compensation case, claiming that brands used illegal “hit devices.”

Volkswagen suffered the first major loss in a lawsuit from owners in England and Wales as part of an emissions scandal. The lawsuit, which could be the largest consumer lawsuit in the history of English law, involves nearly 90,000 owners of Audi, Seat, Skoda, and Volkswagen models. They demand compensation for installing illegal “destruction devices” in order to defraud European emission standards.

Owners’ lawyers say Volkswagen deliberately “tricked” these rules into effect to “save lives” by installing an illegal device designed to reduce emissions by 40 times.

The judge in the case, Mr. Justice Waxman, ruled that “the software function in question in this case is indeed a defeat device” in accordance with the classification defined by the European Union.

The judge stated that he was “far from alone in this conclusion”, noting that various courts and industry authorities agree with the verdict. He called Volkswagen’s defense “extremely erroneous” and “absurd.” Following the ruling, the head of the trial in the groups in Slater and Gordon, which represents about 70,000 applicants, said: “This damned judgment confirms that our customers have long known, but that Volkswagen refused to accept: namely, that Volkswagen installed defeat devices on millions of cars in the UK to trick emissions tests. ”

Volkswagen replied that it was “disappointed” with today’s decision, but “the decision only addresses preliminary questions.” The company intends to appeal. Despite today’s decision, there are still further steps in the case, including the definition of a “causal relationship,” that is, whether the damaging device caused damage. If Volkswagen is ultimately convicted, it may be ordered to pay hundreds of millions of pounds in compensation.

“To be clear, today’s decision does not define liability or any issues of causation or loss for any of the stated causes of the action,” the statement said. “In our case, Volkswagen remains confident that we are not liable to the applicants, as supposedly the plaintiffs did not suffer any losses.”