British startup Morris Commercial revives the legendary electric van

British startup Morris Commercial revives the legendary electric van

November 13, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The cute and popular van Morris J-type was produced from 1949 to 1961, and now has received reincarnation in the form of an electric car. The model is made in retro style, but differs in modern equipment.

The British startup Morris Commercial, essentially a revived company, has decided to release an electric van for narrow English roads. The van is made in retro style and has a classic British design. Although the company itself is asked not to draw analogies with past models, and not to call the new product a restromode or a revived series.

 The Morris JE model represents a rethought design of cars of the middle of the last century with elements of modernity. Unfortunately, technical details have not yet been announced. It is still known that the electric power plant was developed by local companies. Thanks to the active use of alloy materials in the platform, as well as carbon fiber and other composite materials, it was possible to reduce weight, which increased the range.

 The power reserve under ideal conditions is 322 km with a full battery charge. The van itself belongs to a light-commercial vehicle that is allowed on passenger roads. The carrying capacity of the Morris JE electric car is 1,000 km, and the body volume reaches 5.5 cubic meters.

When the model appears on sale is still unknown. It is also unknown whether the van will be offered outside the UK or Europe.

Meanwhile, the rare Morris Mini is in perfect condition for sale. Woodham Mortimer put up for sale a truck manufactured in 1967.