British launch pop-up charging stations

British launch pop-up charging stations

May 22, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The appearance in cities of charging stations of various shapes and sizes often leads to some loss of space. The problem is not too big, but the British company solves it wisely.

Public charging stations in urban areas are located on the side of the road or partially on the sidewalk as far as possible. From a distance you can see that here you can charge your EV or PHEV, which is very convenient. However, when the pillar is not used, it primarily takes up some space and does not always look attractive. This is not a disaster, but it can be more beautiful, experts at British Urban Electric thought.

To remove charging stations from the street scene and at the same time offer the possibility of charging, a “pop-up charging station” was introduced. These posts are usually completely “recessed” in the asphalt, but can be activated using a special application. A 7 kW column rises from the ground and can be used as a charging station. The company has already installed a series of these pillars at Oxford, in particular to gauge public reaction. Studies conducted by the municipal administration showed that the vast majority of residents consider this a welcome addition.

The company’s goal is to ensure a wider distribution of “pop-up charging stations” in the market next year. Charging infrastructure in cities can potentially increase significantly, and the aesthetic problem of a whole series of charging stations is not considered. Pillars installed every few meters should no longer be an eyesore, although installing pop-up posts is a bit more time-consuming.