British experts turned Land Rover Defender into an electric car

British experts turned Land Rover Defender into an electric car

July 9, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The legendary SUV Land Rover Defender received a 320-horsepower electric power plant with a range of up to 320 km.

Land Rover-based Twisted specialist in Yorkshire has released a new package of modifications for the classic Defender, which turns the legendary SUV into an electric car. The conversion kit is compatible with Defender 90, 110 and 130 – and you can order it now. The cost of such a revision starts at a mark of 69,950 pounds.

The package was developed in collaboration with the Dutch company Plower, which already offers the Defender electrical conversion kit. However, the Twisted system is much more powerful than the Dutch brand, with a maximum power of 320 hp. and 460 Nm of torque, which is 106 hp and 80 Nm more than the Plower kit.

Twisted also offers a deformed version of the same power plant, which provides only 214 hp. power and 380 Nm of torque. A more powerful one can accelerate to 100 km / h in just 8.2 seconds, while the basic version of the power plant accelerates an SUV in 10 seconds. Both cars have a mass of 3,500 kg, which corresponds to the original Defender.

Both transmissions use one large electric motor mounted under the hood, which transfers the drive to all four wheels through the original Defender transfer case with differential lock. The system runs on a 60-kilowatt battery, which is installed under the Defender floor, and, according to Twisted, in real conditions will provide a range of more than 320 km.

Twisted’s electric propulsion system more than doubles the power output of the Defender Td5, and it is only 80 hp. power is different from Defender Works V8. To control all this, the company offers many chassis upgrades, including Bilstein suspension with longer shock absorbers, larger diameter disc brakes, improved calipers and wider alloy wheels with thicker tires.

Both systems will be equipped with an electric motor control function, which will allow owners to switch between different driving modes, including Sport, Eco and Off-road.

When using a 22 kW charging station, it takes about three hours to fully charge the Twisted EV battery. The system is also compatible with less powerful 11 ​​kW household chargers, although when using this system, charging time doubles.

The EV package can also be supplemented with a number of cosmetic updates, including special bumpers, a new radiator grill, air vents in the hood and crankcase protection. Buyers can also order Recaro sports seats, Moto Lita wooden steering wheel, improved sound insulation and new leather dashboard trim.

Twisted says the drive kit is compatible with all Land Rover Defenders, and that it will take about two weeks to install at the company’s factory in Bristol.