British designer reinvented child car seat

British designer reinvented child car seat

May 6, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

BabyArk is what happens when a supercar developer, in partnership with an Israeli defense contractor, rethinks a car seat.

A list of the most influential automotive designers should include Frank Stevenson. He designed the first BMW crossover, rethought the old Mini and Fiat 500 and created a large number of supercars. But three years ago, Stevenson left his post as chief designer at McLaren to create his own company. And now he has teamed up with an Israeli defense contractor to rethink a child car seat.

Called BabyArk, it promises to be not only more stylish than any other car seat on the market, but also significantly safer. The seat is built around a carbon frame with transparent and tinted polycarbonate leather. Stevenson used “biomimicry” (a science that mimics nature) and the Fibonacci spiral to create an egg-like design, explaining this ideal form with the original idea of ​​nature itself to protect the baby.

The seat is attached (facing forward or backward) to the carbon fiber base, equipped with electronic sensors to facilitate proper installation, monitor the condition of the seat and alert the driver if a minor passenger falls asleep or is left in the car. At the core of its safety is a patented cushioning coil, originally developed by Mobius Protection Systems.

The BabyArk prototype has already undergone initial evaluation at TASS International’s independent testing laboratory. The company claims that tests have shown that the prototype is 57% safer for the neck of a small passenger and 65% safer for its head compared to the safest child car seats currently available. The startup intends to get certified in the United States next year, planning to launch a car seat on the local market by the end of 2021.