British company has developed augmented reality automotive glass

British company has developed augmented reality automotive glass

October 26, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

In science fiction films, you can see the cars of the future capable of displaying a lot of information right on the glass. British startup Envisics talked about a new technology that allows holographic images to be displayed in front of the driver in the same way.

According to representatives of the British company Envisics, existing analogs of augmented reality are faced with the problem of low image definition. The picture is difficult to see, which makes the technology ineffective. The new development operates under the most extreme conditions. With the help of a hologram, the AI ​​will point the driver to objects that pose a danger on the road. These can be pedestrians, vehicles on the side of the road, cyclists or bends.

Envisics explains that visual effects can be seen from 20 meters from the car to the horizon. At the same time, the main difference from existing prototypes is not just the use of 2D images, but their transformation into a full-fledged three-dimensional image using a holographic modulator. It simulates the movement of light in space, as a result, the image is reflected from the windshield, becoming visible.

The technology has already attracted many major brands, including Hyundai Mobis, GM Ventures, SAIC Motor and Van Tuyl Companies. At the moment, Envisics’ developments are used in Jaguar Land Rover vehicles. For now, this is just a simplified version, since the full system will be ready by 2025. According to representatives of the British company, manufacturers will have to install all additional equipment themselves, since Envisics offers exclusively technology.