British Aston Martin has found a new owner

British Aston Martin has found a new owner

January 31, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Recently, various candidates for the purchase of a famous brand have been called. However, the deal was able to surprise.

Today there was information about the new owner of the British car manufacturer Aston Martin. A part of the company’s shares was acquired by Canadian billionaire Lawrence Stroll. Note that he is not a newcomer to the world of cars – Stroll now owns the Formula 1 Racing Point team, and before that, his company was the main sponsor of the legendary Williams royal stables. Recently, rumors about Aston Martin’s problems began to appear more and more often – the company regularly began to incur losses. The last hope was the DBX model. The main bidder for the purchase of Aston Martin was called the Chinese concern Geely, however, after negotiations, the Chinese interest decreased.

Stroll now owns a 16.7% stake. In addition to him, JCB CEO Anthony Banford, Power Corp Canada CEO Andrew Desmarais and Hong Kong investor Star Chow also participate in the management of the company.

 Investments in the company will amount to about half a billion US dollars. Lawrence Stroll will take over as Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors. As for the sports component, Aston Martin will come to Formula 1 instead of the Racing Point team, which is now led by a Canadian billionaire.