British Arrival introduced the electric busscreen

British Arrival introduced the electric busscreen

June 20, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

An ordinary-looking bus has one very interesting feature.

A British startup called Arrival was founded by Denis Sverdlov. The other day, the company showed renderings of its new bus with an all-electric power plant. In appearance, it is a futuristic-looking bus that we are all used to seeing in our cities – four wheels, panoramic windows and a large number of seats.

A feature of the new items has become a huge number of screens, which are located literally on each wall of the cabin. In addition, displays can be seen outside the bus, as well as in the driver’s cab. They display information about the next stops, as well as which doors are best to go in or out of the bus.

The screens in the cab show a lot of information about the route, the status of the bus, and also replace some of the controls. There is currently no information on when exactly the new Arrival buses will go on sale.