Britain will pay drivers well for the transition from ICE to electricity

Britain will pay drivers well for the transition from ICE to electricity

June 9, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is ready to take a serious step in supporting the electric vehicle industry. He plans to give £ 6,000 to motorists when replacing diesel or gasoline vehicles with electric ones. All the details of the program to stimulate the rejection of internal combustion engines in the country should be ready by July 6.

Despite the fact that the UK economy, like most European countries, has suffered from the coronavirus pandemic, Prime Minister Boris Johnson expects to give it a new impetus through the electrification of transport. According to Reuters with reference to The Telegraph, the Johnson team is preparing a draft proposal to stimulate the auto industry. In the project – to give owners of cars with ICE £ 6,000 or about $ 7.6 thousand if they want to transfer to an electric car.

The Prime Minister is about to announce this program on July 6. It is assumed that this measure should support British electric transport manufacturers – in particular, Jaguar and Mini – which have been crippled by the economic downturn, and at the same time will stimulate the entire economy of the country.

Especially this subsidy may appeal to thrifty customers who like the idea of ​​spending less on operating an electric car, but who are frightened off by the high price of electric cars.

In addition, the prime minister’s proposal is fully consistent with the country’s long-term plans to establish a complete ban on the sale of ICE cars, planned for 2035. If by that time the market for ICE cars remains significant, it will not be easy to implement this reform.

It is not clear, however, whether the country has enough developed infrastructure to implement this plan, Engadget doubts. Even assuming that people want to buy new cars in the midst of a pandemic. But if the idea takes root, it can become an example to follow in other countries.

According to the president of General Motors Mark Reis, people will not start mass buying electric cars until manufacturers make them cheaper and provide a longer range.