Bridgestone Develops Innovative Smart Bus Monitoring System

Bridgestone Develops Innovative Smart Bus Monitoring System

July 2, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Bridgestone, the world’s largest manufacturer of tires and rubber products, in collaboration with Microsoft has developed the world’s first real-time tire damage tracking system.

The system uses the MCVP cloud infrastructure in conjunction with existing sensor data obtained using already installed technical means, and uses algorithms to detect events that affect the surface and frame of the bus.

As a result, the driver will be able to immediately receive a notification of the threat and take the actions necessary to correct this situation.

Curiously, the tire damage monitoring system has other valuable applications. She sees not only when the damage occurred, but also where it occurred. Thus, the system provides a broader assessment of the infrastructure and condition of roads, which can be used to notify responsible services of the presence and location of potholes and other hazards.

Future autonomous vehicles can also benefit from the system – because vehicles transmit information about local dangerous points to other traffic participants nearby, and also send information to cloud storages.