Brexit slows down next-generation MINI development

Brexit slows down next-generation MINI development

February 8, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

UK exit from the European Union influenced brand plans

On January 31, Britain officially left the European Union, so MINI had to postpone the development of the next generation hatchback.

Great Britain set the first precedent in history for withdrawing from the European Union. Such a radical step by the kingdom could not but affect the domestic economy, especially the auto industry: British manufacturers had to make major changes to their plans for the future in order to minimize financial losses and try to avoid significant job cuts or factory closures. The lack of clear prospects for further trade relations between the UK and continental Europe, in particular, led to the fact that the development of a new generation of MINI was in question.

According to Maximilian Sheberl, Corporate Communications Director of BMW, in an interview with Reuters, due to Brexit, the life cycle of the current generation MINI hatchback will be extended indefinitely. This decision was taken by the concern for reasons of economy, since the development of a new platform for the successor will cost about a billion euros. The current hatchback made its debut in the fall of 2013: it is built on the front-wheel drive platform UKL1, unified with the younger BMW models. 2019 was not a good year for MINI: global brand sales fell 4.1% to 346,639 cars.