Brembo works on electric brakes

Brembo works on electric brakes

May 2, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

One of the most famous manufacturers of brake systems is preparing a real revolution in its industry. Hydraulic brakes will soon become a story.

Director of Brembo Giovanni Canavotto in an interview with the American edition of Car and Driver spoke about the future of braking systems on electrified cars.

“Electric braking systems will become a powerful trend in the next decade,” said Canavotto. “Brake-by-wire, electronic brake control system gives us and automakers more space for adjustments. For many years we have been using such systems in Formula One. In the future, in conventional road vehicles, such braking systems will be able to adjust the brakes to the driver, making the pedal responsive faster or slower, in other words, braking soft or trickier, just as you can now adjust the travel patterns for the suspension or steering wheel. ”

One of the reasons why electric brakes will become an important part of future cars is that car makers plan to electrify not only power units of vehicles but also all other systems. “Most car makers are keen to replace all car systems that are only possible with electric,” added Canavotto.

The process of replacing the disc brakes with the electric will be gradual and not too fast – just as from the drum brakes the car makers switched to the disc. But there is no doubt that electric brake systems have significant advantages over hydraulic ones – electric signals are faster and more precise, so the era of disc brakes is coming to its end.