Brembo will develop brakes for electric cars, as in Formula 1

Brembo will develop brakes for electric cars, as in Formula 1

October 24, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Brembo intends to release quieter and lighter brakes that are activated by an electric drive. Brembo deputy director Matteo Tiraboski told Reuters about the prospects for introducing a fundamentally new technology in civilian cars.

Brembo engineers plan to abandon the traditional hydraulic brake system over time – the electronics will replace the usual brake fluid lines, and braking will occur due to servos. A similar electronic system, called brake-by-wire, has been used in Formula 1 since 2014.

The issue of increasing braking efficiency is acute, since manufacturers of brake mechanisms are experiencing competition from kinetic energy recovery systems. During the operation of the electric motor in generator mode, the vehicle slows down enough to move in the urban cycle using one pedal.

Brembo leader Matteo Tiraboski is confident that recovery will never replace conventional brakes: you will have to resort to the usual pedal braking in emergency situations or when driving actively in high-performance cars.

The proliferation of electric cars with silent power plants poses the challenge for engineers to reduce the sound from aerodynamic turbulence, reduce the sound of tires and the operation of braking mechanisms. The Italian manufacturer of automotive components says the company is already working on less noisy gears.

How will be implemented a system of “electronic” braking on production cars in Brembo has not yet been disclosed. Dates of mass distribution of more efficient and quiet braking mechanisms are also not called.