Brembo plans to develop quiet brakes for electric cars

Brembo plans to develop quiet brakes for electric cars

October 27, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The well-known company Brembo, which is engaged in the production of brake mechanisms for various cars around the planet, is reaching a new level due to the increasing interest in electric cars.

Without the roar of productive gasoline engines that can drown out the brakes, the brand risks spoiling the sensation of enjoying the silence of electric cars.
Creating quieter brakes is just one of the tasks the company has set for itself, as they strive to go beyond their traditions and bypass the risks of obsolete technologies as the auto industry develops in the digital age.

  Brembo creates lighter electric brakes with an electric drive that will be used in electric cars to replace classic hydraulic brakes, and is facing a threat to its business due to the so-called recursive braking systems that capture the lost energy when the car brakes and sends it back into the battery.

 “Electric motors do not make noise, for this reason the braking system in the end result can cause irritation for passengers. They can even watch movies in the future, sitting in their own cars, due to autonomous driving, in this regard, our goal is to make the brakes quieter, ”said Matteo Tiraboski, Executive Deputy Chairman of Brembo.

In addition, Chevy recently patented emblem brake discs. The design of such discs has been registered with the patent office.