Brazilian Ford Bronco Receives Extreme Trail Special Version

Brazilian Ford Bronco Receives Extreme Trail Special Version

July 9, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The Brazilian subsidiary of Ford, the company Troller, was working on a new car. The developers are confident that the novelty will be appreciated by lovers to overcome the harsh off-road.

While American car enthusiasts continue to wait for the new Bronco SUV to enter the market, this model has been available for purchase in Brazil for quite some time. It is called the Troller T4. Recall, the Troller is a Brazilian car brand, but at the heart of the T4 SUV is a Ford car. Back in 2014, after upgrading, this model was transferred to a shortened version of the T6 Ford platform, on which, in particular, the Ranger global pickup was built. Now Troller T4 has a new version of the Trail for severe off-road.

This SUV was equipped with a snorkel to overcome water obstacles, towing hooks and a powerful winch. In addition, the special version was equipped with off-road bumpers, due to which it was possible to improve the entry and exit angles.

 The bumpers, lining of the wheel arches, front fender panels, roof spoiler and rear door were painted matte gray. The color for the main body can be chosen from a wide enough palette of shades: black, white, gray, red, yellow and others. There are nine of them. In the movement brings a new 3.2-liter 200-strong turbodiesel, working in tandem with 6-speed manual transmission. Troller T4 Trail is estimated at 38 thousand dollars