Brazil is trying to save the national auto brand Troller from Ford

Brazil is trying to save the national auto brand Troller from Ford

April 8, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

The Brazilian government has decided to save the only national auto brand, Troller.

This company is owned by the Ford Motor concern and produces brutal SUVs with designs inspired by the Jeep CJ and Toyota FJ. In January 2021, Ford, as part of a global business restructuring, announced its intention to completely close its factories in Brazil, including the Troller plant in Horizonte. According to the plan, exotic SUVs will stop making at the end of 2021.

However, the Brazilian authorities consider Troller a national pride and are looking for a new investor for the company, who would buy it from Ford, the newspaper Estadao writes about it. Three companies have already expressed their interest in buying Troller (brand and plant), however, it is not reported which ones. It is unlikely that these are global manufacturers, since the Brazilian car market has seriously fallen in recent years, and therefore is considered problematic and not the most attractive for doing business. The authorities of the Ceara region, where the company is located, are ready to provide the savior of Troller with large tax breaks.

Troller cars are produced in small series – 1000 units per year – and have a frame-panel body structure typical for small-circulation cars. The power cage is welded from steel pipes and the outer panels are molded from fiberglass. The current Troller T4 uses a frame chassis and aggregates from a Ford Ranger T6 pickup truck, as well as a 3.2-liter Ford Duratorq turbodiesel.

Troller was founded in 1995 by entrepreneur Rogerio Farias. He organized the production of off-road vehicles, pickups and trailers for farmers of the original design. Until 2007, Troller was a private company, then it was absorbed by Ford Motor.

Ford has already closed two of its factories in Brazil in 2021, with Troller remaining the last operating site. Interestingly, the company pays a lump sum compensation to local workers upon dismissal – at least $ 23,000.