Brandl: In 2020, expect a very evil and quick Vettel

Brandl: In 2020, expect a very evil and quick Vettel

May 15, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Former Formula 1 racer and commentator on British Sky Sports F1 channel Martin Brandl commented on Carlos Sainz’s contracts with Ferrari, Daniel Riccardo with McLaren and the future of Sebastian Vettel.

Martin Brandl: “It is not surprising that Carlos Sainz wanted to move to Ferrari at the current stage of his career. He has quite a lot of experience, despite his relatively young age. I think he will make a good pair with Charles Lecler. It will be a dynamic and young duo that can have a future.

I consider Sainz to be the driver who was the most difficult partner for Max Verstappen in Formula 1 [in Toro Rosso in 2015]. I guess someone at Ferrari thought, “I don’t want to see my two cars crashing into each other anymore.” I’m sure they can better control Sainz.

It is possible that two or three years will pass before Ferrari can fight for the title, and Carlos can afford to wait. Sebastian doesn’t have that much time. He no longer sees the previous attractiveness in the team. He may have lost faith in Ferrari – the reverse is also true. I suppose that’s why they broke up.

If I were in Sainz’s place, I would not hesitate and take this opportunity. When a team like Ferrari knocks on your door, it should open.

Why Carlos and not Lewis? In our interviews, Lewis made clear that his future is connected with Mercedes. The team will remain the benchmark for the rest, and Lewis will be the racer whom the rest have to overcome in this shortened season.

It would be great to see Hamilton at Ferrari, but I do not think that this option is suitable for Lewis right now. He is 35 years old, while in Ferrari focused on riders who are a little over twenty. And I do not think that Ferrari wanted to see a couple of Lecler-Hamilton. I don’t think Lewis will drive a red car, but never say never. Formula 1 is a good old weird business.

Daniel Riccardo did not like Renault. Previously, we always saw his smile, but I don’t remember that he often smiled last year. For some reason, the Renault option didn’t work.

Maybe he believes that a McLaren with a Mercedes engine will prove to be a more competitive option. Perhaps he was worried about Renault’s plans for the future. Obviously, Daniel saw something like this in the team, which did not give him confidence in the future.

Daniel will bring McLaren experience, including the experience of racing victories. The team believes that they were in a winning situation, although they had to pay Daniel. And, of course, Daniel and Lando Norris will be a very fun pair of partners.

I know that Sebastian Vettel was negotiating with at least one team, so his retirement is not a priority. If he wants, he can go to Renault – to the factory team, but her future is worrying. Renault can be considered a lone ranger, since in 2021 they will remain the only team on Renault engines.

I think that Fernando Alonso is desperate to return to Formula 1, but will this be the third return to Renault? If I were offered to bet right now, I would say that we see Sebastian’s swan song, but we probably don’t know this, and he still has speed. It all depends on how much money Renault is willing to spend, and in what position Formula 1 will be after this difficult period.

In any case, wait in 2020 for a very evil and fast Sebastian Vettel. I would not underestimate him. He will chase for himself and will not pay too much attention to what is happening around. And even more so, he will not give a damn about Charles Leclair’s ambitions.

It is very strange that we learned about so many transitions in 2021, although the 2020 season has not yet started. We are waiting for a very exciting race. Can you imagine that Vettel will pay attention to command orders? He didn’t really fulfill them last year, and now he knows that he is leaving the team. ”