Brand new Toyota Supra (A100) can become an electric car with autopilot

Brand new Toyota Supra (A100) can become an electric car with autopilot

June 2, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

As the representative of the Japanese company said, the next-generation Toyota Supra sports coupe, which the A100 index will receive in-house, could open a radically new era for the Supra. The car will receive an electric motor and autopilot.

For true fans of the Japanese sports legend – the Toyota Supra sports coupe, the idea that the Japanese automaker was working on the continuation of this model along with the Bavarian BMW is a bit blasphemous. Yes, the new generation coupe with the A90 index has a lot in common with the Bavarian BMW Z4 roadster, however the Supra finally returns after a long break.

Despite the fact that Toyota recently held a presentation of its long-awaited news, there are rumors that the brand’s engineers are working on the next generation of the model, which will receive the A100 index.

As part of his recent interview with the Japanese edition of Nostalgic Car, Supra Chief Engineer Tetsuya Tada-san talks about what will happen after Supra A90. According to him, the receiver of the current car will receive a fully electric power plant and autonomous control system.

Tada-san says that Toyota will likely make the next Supra electric or even autonomous, citing future changes in the automotive industry. However, he is confident that the A100 will necessarily be presented. However, he is not sure what form such a coupe will take, however, it declares that it will be a radically new car. He added that the A100 can be significantly removed from the iconic A70 and A80.

Tetsuya Tada-san is sure that other people are likely to create a new generation of the cult sports coupe Toyota Supra. The next generation of the model will be shown very, very soon.