Brand-new Porsche 911 is seen almost without camouflage

Brand-new Porsche 911 is seen almost without camouflage

August 30, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

What could be better than the German sports coupe Porsche 911, which almost no camouflage film? That’s right, 2 copies of this car! It is possible that the premiere of the long-awaited novelty can take place already in October this year.

We hope that we are gradually approaching the official presentation of a completely new generation of the German legend – the 911 model. It is known that the novelty will receive an in-house index of 992.

And recently seen prototypes of this car, which by the way have practically no camouflage film, tell us that yes, the German automaker’s management can very soon show us the fully-mass-produced versions of the 911.

In the pictures you can see that the engineers of Porsche left the front splitter, as well as the lower part of the rear bumper under some black ribbon. By the way, it can also be seen on the tail lights, which are made in the same style as the electric car Porsche Taycan. It is noteworthy that these tapes are not immediately noticeable, since they are fairly tight to the details, but they are there! In particular, this applies to the headlights, which are glued on special labels that mimic the brand-new 4-point LED headlamp.

What can I say about the changes in the appearance of a completely new generation coupe 911? Yes, in fact, nothing – because the exterior of their models, the engineers of the company do not change for years! In the photo we see a prototype with a blue body that uses the left turn signal – thanks to this we can observe the LED ribbon from the back, going up to the corner of the bumper. The license plate holder is moved slightly lower, and now it is surrounded by 2 round exhaust tips, which are used for the Carrera S/4S.

In the back of the noted prototypes, we can note a rather awkward but practical rear wiper. For some reason, the door handles are closed on the red car, but on the blue they are. By the way, on the red prototype of the novelty there are 4 branch pipes of the exhaust system. Cars are “shod” in 21-inch tires Pirelli P Zero 305/30 ZR.

Meanwhile, Porsche Project Gold handmade is completely unveiled.